i like to imagine that sleeping arrangements in these hotels visits got progressively more interesting

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i just watched the ending of hachapre 26 again and it doesn’t pull on my heartstrings any less than it did last night

Hime’s voice actress is so good, my god. Even if the whole love polygon thing that’s going on feels so cliche, I can’t help but melt into a puddle of feelings in those last few moments because aaaa baby’s first dokis she’s so adorable i could die from cuteness overdose

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just watched hachapre 26 with ruro

how can i even feel angry and sad when himelda window cure queen of the blue sky exists

i am dying from cuteness overload help

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Are you ever exposed to such a special brand of stupid that you have to stare into the distance and ask why

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Imagine your icon showing up at your door, giving you an action figure of your previous icon, and then walking away without a word

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this is fucked up

this fucked me up

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so fed up with everything ever right now i just want to curl up in bed and not get out of bed until September.

I’m home from a 12-hour bullshit day. And I’m so fucking 150% done with this place. I just wasted 9 months of my life being forced to build a rapport with an asshole child from hell with a criminal record, and all at once it was announced to me that the kid was taken off my caseload (even after I said NO, DON’T FUCKING DO THAT, YOU UTTERLY CLUELESS IDIOTS) today, because of a “lack of overall progress” and they “questioned my ability to effectively work with him”. Like, do you fucking realize what you’re implying here? First of all, you clearly don’t understand this kid because if you did, you’d realize he’s fucking IMPOSSIBLE to work with, and to get him to where I have is a fucking MIRACLE, GOOD LUCK MAKING THAT PROGRESS AGAIN BY PUTTING SOME NEW POOR SOUL ON THE CASE TO BE ABUSED FOR MONTHS ON END. Second, while I said I was having a hard time with him, HE WAS DOING REALLY WELL THIS MONTH. I SAID I’D SEE HIM ON FRIDAY AND WE COULD WORK ON STUFF TOGETHER. Now no, not now. I’m not even permitted to go see him. What I am allowed to do (and it was forced upon me to do so), is give him and his mom a call and say “hey, can’t see you anymore even though I said I could”, because that’s MY responsibility for some reason even though every other fucking thing was done without my consent or input despite my best efforts to make things work. Because apparently, like all other clinicians, I have “failed” with this kid. Thanks. Fuckers.

And now I worry I’m going to have some new kid foisted upon me even though I turned down the case last week because “I won’t have enough hours scheduled”. The kid that was suggested to me is a socially-disconnected 14-year-old (who, according to my supervisor, wouldn’t even answer you unless you referred to him by his “wolf name”, but he’s apparently better now), who needs a new clinician because of sexual advances he made toward his previous one, and kept referring to as “his girlfriend”. My supervisor said I’d do well with him. As if I’m going to end up in any different of a situation? Please, no, I don’t want that happening to me too. Hell no. Not in my last month of this shit. Not when my patience is at a minimum anymore.

I’m coming to the realization that I’m probably not cut out for this after all. Or maybe I am because I’ve been nothing but praised by this clinic for my work until the past couple months, where they’ve given me nothing but shit. But either way fuck them. My confidence in this position is at an all time low now because I’ve basically been told that all the work I’ve done is worthless and wasted. So maybe I am cut out for it and am just deeply hurt and insulted by everything. I don’t fucking know right now. I just don’t.

I just want out. But I will hang in there for one more month so I can at least get paid before I quit. Money’s money, yo. I just need a better way of obtaining it.

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Amazing Ladies of Fire Emblem Awakening
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